Hello there.

First, a little bit about myself: I’m a university student majoring in sociology with some studies in philosophy and statistics on the side. The range of my interests is so wide but I tend to lean towards radical and leftist currents in theory. Everything is gonna be OK for me as long as I can spend my days reading all these thick books that I barely understand ❤ I live in a tiny student flat in Finland together with my bed, bookshelf, laptop and mp3-player, all of which I’m hopelessly attached to. As for empirical data: I am male, born in 1989 (80’s bitch!), I come from a lower middle class family and the color of my eyes is a mixture of green and brown.

Second, about this blog: I haven’t really decided what this is gonna be about. It is certainly not going to be thematically consistent as right now I feel like writing about anything (Except my life. Very few interesting things are happening there.) I started this blog because I needed an outlet for my brain activity. So you will probably see anime reviews followed by social commentary followed by hype about new music followed by random rants. Anything that I feel like writing about just might end up here.

I listen to all kinds of music nobody ever likes: My last.fm profile

I also edit AMVs: My a-m-v.org profile

Thank you for reading!


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